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Our Dogs

Pocket Bullys are one of the most lovable and charming breeds out there, known for their gentle nature, loyal temperament, and unique physical features. They make excellent family pets and are also highly sought after for their breeding potential.

Whether you are looking for a new family pet or are interested in starting your own breeding program, our bulldogs are the perfect choice. They are healthy, happy, and well-socialized, and our experienced breeding team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful and rewarding experience.


Introducing Rebel, our handsome and muscular pocket bulldog stud who is ready to sire the next generation of top-quality bulldog puppies.

Rebel is an amazing dog with an impressive pedigree and a proven track record of producing healthy, strong, and beautiful puppies.

Rebel is health-tested to ensure that he is in peak breeding condition, and his genetics are second to none. He has a thick coat, a broad chest, and a powerful build that make him a standout among other bulldogs. His distinctive wrinkles and adorable, wrinkled face make him a crowd-pleaser.

Rebel has a friendly and outgoing personality and loves to play and explore. He is well-socialized with both humans and other dogs and has a great temperament, making him an ideal choice for breeding programs.



Meet Dixie, our sweet and gentle bully who is ready to start her journey as a breeding female. Maxine is a pocket bully with a charming personality and a love for snuggles and belly rubs.

Dixie has been health-tested to ensure that she is in optimal breeding condition, and her genetics are top-notch. She has a strong, muscular build and a thick coat that is soft to the touch. Her distinctive wrinkles and cute, wrinkled face make her a standout among other bullys.

Dixie has a laid-back personality and is a joy to be around. She loves spending time with her family and is always eager to play and explore. She is great with children and other dogs, making her an ideal addition to any breeding program.

We offer a range of breeding options to suit your needs, including natural breeding and artificial insemination. Our experienced breeding team will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful breeding process.

If you're looking for a top-quality female bulldog to breed with, look no further than Dixie. Contact us today to learn more about our breeding services and how you can start your breeding journey with Dixie by your side.



Rosa is a beautiful female puppy pocket bully who is the newest addition to your kennel. She is a bundle of energy and joy who loves to play and explore her surroundings.

With her short, stocky build and muscular physique, Rosa is a true pocket bully. Her coat is a stunning shade of Caramel Brown, and she has bright, expressive eyes that are full of mischief and curiosity.

Despite her small size, Rosa has a big personality. She is incredibly social and loves to interact with people and other dogs. She is always eager to make new friends and is never shy about asking for attention and affection.

Rosa is also an intelligent and trainable puppy. She is already showing signs of being a quick learner, and she is eager to please her new family. With consistent training and lots of positive reinforcement, she is sure to become a well-behaved and obedient companion.

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